Brief Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the starting age for practices?

Due to our insurance, the youngest we teach is 14. However, we welcome anyone younger to visit and watch.

Can I bring my own sword? Can I bring my own gear?

Gear will be inspected by an instructor prior to use at a class or during sparring. Swords will also be inspected by an instructor as well, however, if the sword is sharp, we recommend leaving it at home.

Who is your oversight board?

We are insured and regulated by HEMAA (Historic European Martial Arts Alliance). We are given a charter for permission for freedom to practice and instruct, so long as we abide by its safety conduct regulations.

Are there tournaments or competitions?

Yes! There’s a wide array of state, national, and international tournaments and competitions. We encourage members to attend tournaments if that is something they enjoy doing, however, tournament fighting is not mandatory.

What do you not study?

We do not study any of the following;
-Asian Martial arts- There are dedicated AMA schools in Tucson. Our primary focus is European Martial Arts.
-Krav Maga or other modern military weapons/systems.
-Projectile weapons.
-Fantasy Weapons or techniques (Eg, Bat’leth). We may have special occasions where we bring lightsabers to practice, but they aren’t a primary focus of our practices.

-LARP or Role Playing- We do not role play. If there is a preferred name you go by, please tell us! However, we are not characters- we are ourselves here to study, spar, and socialize.

Things we will study, but we currently DO NOT spar with:
-Harnessfechten- Harness fighting, or plate mail fighting, currently due to lack of safe grappling/wrestling space.
We also do not allow techniques designed to take down armored fighters during our sparring, as they tend to be percussive in nature, and can seriously injure our sparring partners. There is no safe way to practice these techniques at speed with human targets.

Pole Weapons with a head (eg, Warhammer), Maces, Flails, Clubs- Much like the above, they generate a lot of percussive force that can seriously injure our sparring partners.